Customer Service

Residental rates
Commercial rates

Signing up for Service

To apply for new or existing service an application should be submitted to our CRRUA office. To request an application please contact CRRUA office at 575.589.1075.

The following information will be required when applying for new or existing service:

  • Property address
  • Settlement Agreement or Rental Agreement
  • Classification status of the property. (i.e. Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial)
  • Service type
  • Cash or Check deposit

Discontinue Service

A disconnection form must be submitted to turn services off a property. If no disconnection notice has been submitted to CRRUA, account will continue to receive monthly service bills.

If you are the property owner/property manager and wish to stop water services, please contact customer service at (575) 589.1075 to request a disconnection form. 

If you are selling, purchasing, or renting a property, please inquire with our office to provide payoff amount of final water bills. All balances should be paid off before we can start services at property.